Welcome to the Ellwood/Wampum Rod and Gun Club's website. We hope you enjoy your visit!

Mission Statement:    

     Ellwood/Wampum Rod & Gun Club is dedicated to the safe use of firearms, the wholesome practice of hunting and shooting sports, and the education of children and adults in the law-abiding, responsible enjoyment of outdoor sporting activities.


Club Contact Information:


POSTAL address:  

P.O. Box 442,  Ellwood City, PA 16117


The PHYSICAL address of the clubhouse is:

2406 Wampum Road, Wampum, PA  16157

for those wishing to use a GPS to locate us.

DO NOT mail any correspondence to this address!


Contact us at: Email coming soon


Shoots will continue each Tuesday through April 9, 2019 with sign ups beginning at 6:00 PM & shooting starting at 6:30 PM. These shoot are open to the public. There will be a special shoot for youth ages 15 and younger if they have a parent or legal guardian to supervise them. All participants should bring their own ear protection. Winners will have their choice of a turkey, ham or cash prize.


Shoots will begin on Sunday March 31 at 1:00 PM.

These shoots are open to the public. All participants are reminded to bring a box of 25-count shells for each round they plan to shoot and their own ear protection. These shoots will be held depending on the weather conditions. ( 40+  Degrees & no rain )


All Officers & Directors are encouraged to attend this monthly meeting to plan future club activities. Remember to renew your 2019 dues by March 31st to avoid paying a $10 late fee. Be sure to bring your current NRA card when applying for membership. The range road keys should be exchanged to accommodate the gate lock change on April 1, 2019.


     Rifle range officially reopened for use on February 23rd 2019. 


     All those applying for NEW memberships MUST be a member of the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) or join the N.R.A. at the time of application ($10 for an associate membership).   It is the member's responsibility to keep their N.R.A. membership current.  You MUST present your N.R.A. membership card when renewing your membership.   Applications for BOTH club & NRA memberships can be found under the "Membership" tab on this website.

    Any current club member should renew his/her membership for 2019 by January 1, 2019; otherwise, a $10 lapsed membership fee will be imposed after March 31, 2019.

     The lock for the range road gate will be changed effective April 1, 2019.  Membership must be current in order to receive a new key for the gate lock.

    (Current members who are actively serving in the military will be considered to have all privileges of continued membership.  Annual dues will be suspended).



      If you have a family member who has passed and they are a member of our club, please notify us by contacting the Membership Secretary at: "Ellwood/Wampum Rod & Gun Club", P.O. Box 442, Ellwood City, PA  16117.


    We are now on Facebook - please visit & "like" us!  We can be found at "Ellwood Wampum Rod & Gun Club".  There will be events posted for your convenience and special information from the PA Game Commission for your viewing.



      For a complete listing of ALL Pennsylvania Hunter/Trapper Education classes & registration, please go to the PA Game Commission website located at: www.pgc@state.pa.us and look under the tab labeled  "Education".