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Application for Membership:  Ellwood/Wampum Rod & Gun Club


Memberships: Annual memberships begin January 1st of every year

Dues must be paid by January 31st to avoid a late fee ($10.00) 


Name ______________________________ Birthdate & Age________

Street ___________________________________________________

City ________________________ State ________  Zip Code_______

Phone Number (      ) _______- ________  Date ___________, 20____

Applicant's N.R.A. membership number and expiration:  Number________________ Expiration Date_______



Initiation______   SR.______R.______JR. _____  F. _____

CHECK #_____  CASH ______  KEY #______       SL. ______  RL. ______


(Name of club member)






All members shall be citizens of the United States of America!


    A "New Member Initiation Fee" of $10 will be assessed to all new regular and

senior members. Current regular and senior members must renew their

membership by January 31st of each year to avoid paying the initiation fee. 


Regular membership (18 to 64 years old):  $40

Family membership:  $55 (Consisting of an adult/spouse and children under age 18) 
Senior membership (65 years & older):  $20 
Lifetime membership (55+ years old, with 10 years prior paid dues):  $400

Senior Lifetime membership (65 years & older):  $200

Rifle range key (18 years & older):  $10



    All new applicants for membership must be a member of the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) or join the N.R.A. at the time of application and keep their N.R.A. membership current.  When renewing your membership, you MUST show your current NRA membership card.


     Current members who are actively serving in the military will be

considered to have all privileges of a continued membership.  Annual dues will be suspended.

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